Monday, July 13, 2009

Better than Sex Cake (oh what a name)

devils food cake mix or german chocolate cake mis 18.25 oz
sweetened condensed milk
6 oz caramel ice cream topping
8 oz cool whip
3 heath or toffee bar

Bake the cake according to box. Let it cool for a few minutes while you get the caramel and condensed milk ready, in a saucepan over low heat warm the caramel and milk together (it says to use 6 oz of caramel and 5 oz of the condensed milk but I usually put more cause thats what makes your cake moist). While that is warming make slits in your cake about 1 inch apart or use the round end of a wooden spoon and just poking holes all over your cake 1 inch apart either way works. Pour your caramel in the holes or slits just pour the mixture all over the cake you can also put some of the crushed candy bars on the cake now so now let the cake cool completely. Put it in the fridge then later spread the cool whip on and sprinkle the rest of your candy bars on top.

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